About Rob Archer

Rob has been making photographs since the age of ten. His father taught him how to develop a film and make contact prints.He has stuck with film and traditional darkroom processes ever since. With film, exposing the film, developing it then making print are all part of a continuous analogue process. A real, darkroom-produced silver print has a richness and depth that are impossible to convey on a screen or inkjet print.

His great love is landscape photography and has worked across Europe, particularly in Italy and the Czech republic. His favourite place however will always be Scotland, with it's ever-changing weather and light patterns. He's currently based in East Anglia, with big skies and a dramatic, wild coast.

Rob works with a variety of cameras in both 35mm and medium (6x4.5, 6x6 & 6x7) formats. Although the camera is largely unimportant it will have bearing on the style and content of the image for practical reasons. He likes to carry as little kit as possible to remove distracting decisions and will often go out with one camera, one lens and one film!